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Dolby Atmos Demo Disc

Most of these demos are accessible on Blu-ray or UHD Blu-ray, but it's important to note that can create an amazing Atmos demo even if you've abandoned discs altogether at this point. Now that streaming services like Vudu, Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc. are offering Dolby Atmos, I'd say that if you have the budget and the wherewithal to invest in an Atmos sound system, you should go for it.

Dolby atmos demo disc

As a demo disc, it offers a sparkling video presentation with a rich, saturated color palette. And the Dolby Atmos mix, while not the most aggressive of the year in terms of height speaker usage, is quite solid and boasts more than a few demonstration-worthy moments to wow any guests who find themselves in your home theatre. When watching the whole film, take special notice of the music cues (a multi-fascinated score composed by Daniel Pemberton), factory lights turning on, helicopter rotors, swinging light bulbs, and other such sound effects that help create a full sense of hemispherical immersion.

My favorite demo on the disc. This sequence features a furious chase across hilly terrain and one river. It begins with Solo uncovering a dune buggy to chase the villain, who has taken off with the bomb and the girl. A vocal cue, akin to something from a spaghetti western, swirls up and around the entire room before revving engines take over for the chase itself. Tires spit grave and debris, vehicles splash through water And, as the scene builds, we get to flip over with a crashing SUV (the sound rotating over head) before thunder and falling rain round out the experience. It's a longer demo, but one that offers variation in both nuance and aggression.

There we have it. The Top Five Dolby Atmos Demo Moments in 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' What are your favorite demos on this disc, or favorite demos that you've found recently? Hit up the comments below or forums to let us. know.

One of the highlights from our CEDIA trip each year is listening to demos from manufacturers. Immersive Audio was abound at the show and it came in many forms via discrete box speakers all around, in-walls, in-ceiling and the less impressive reflection speakers. We listened to demos from Paradigm, MartinLogan, RBH Sound, Harman, Triad, Auro-3D, and Goldenear. All of them were a treat to sit through, and we knew they would be, which is why we wanted to swing by these demo rooms on the first day of the show. Read on to see what each manufacturer was showing off.

Triad was showing off their Silver series in a 7.12.4 system. Yes,they were using twelve of their OmniSub 12s to pressurize the room,which they told us was 15,000 cu feet. The Atmos portion of the systemwas held down by the height modules built into the front and rearspeakers, the InRoomSilver LR-H. Above the Atmos speakers they suspended platforms sothe sound would bounce off the platforms and back down at the listener,instead of all the way up to the high ceilings. They played a number ofclips off the Dolby demo disc, and the overall sound quality was great.The subwoofers - all twelve of them - pressurized the room nicely andthe speakers seemed well rounded with no distortion, which wasimpressive for relatively small speakers in a large room.

The only thinglacking was the Atmos effects. Whether the small Atmos modules simplycouldn't keep up - as is often the case - or the height effects got lostwith the tall ceilings or bad angling of the wooden reflection platforms, we just couldn't really tell if sound was comingfrom above us. The other contributing factor was that the speakers wereon really tall speaker stands that put them a few feet above ear levelwhen seated. So, maybe we did hear Atmos effects but just couldn'tdistinguish them from all of the other sound because the majority of soundwas above our heads. In sum, the speaker system sounded really good, butfor any of a number of reasons, the Atmos effect was disappointing. Sadly the Triad rep touted the Atmos-enabled speakers as a preferred solution over discrete ceiling mounted speakers but we remained unconvinced from this demo.

The HT-Z9F comes packaged in an odd-shaped, custom-designed carton that houses both the soundbar and wireless subwoofer. The soundbar measures 39-3/8" x 2-5/8" x 4" and weighs about 6.75 pounds, making it a good fit for almost any size TV, and the low height profile ensures that the bar will not block any portion of the screen. Power output is 400 watts. The subwoofer takes up a bit more room, measuring 7-1/2" x 15-1/8" x 15-1/4" and weighing 17 pounds 14 ounces. Both units are black with shiny accents, and the soundbar features an optional magnetic grill that can be placed over the face of the soundbar. The grill covers the three speakers and lends the unit a cleaner, sleeker look. It also dulls the on-board LED display, which can be dimmed or extinguished depending on your preference. (I'm a stickler for a no-light look, so the ability to turn off the display except when activated is a huge plus for me.) The box also includes a small remote that unfortunately does not include any backlighting, a full instruction book (which I found far more convenient than looking up the manual online), a startup guide to get you set up quickly, a high-speed HDMI cable to connect the soundbar to your TV, a demonstration disc that shows off the system's Dolby Atmos capabilities, and a wall-mounting template and hardware.

Dolby produces a demo disc which contains the required test tones for the added speakers. There is currently no tool that can generate and deliver these tools. The best route for such a capability in AudioTools is through the further development of the integration with the Apple TV. It was recently announced that a new update for the Apple TV with have Atmos capability.

I've been promised from Dolby that HAA will be given a supply of the Dolby demo/test discs. Stay tuned for an update on availability. We'll probably put a link on our Pro Products page to order one. I'm not sure about the cost but at most we'll charge shipping to get the disc to you.

This historical-fantasy series may have debuted on the Starz network but finds its real home on Sony Pictures' five-disc Blu-ray boxset, with Full HD encodes that revel in the show's stunning Scottish locations and atmospheric, musical DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mixes. And in this Collector's Edition, Outlander's sixteen episodes of complex, gritty drama are accompanied by superb extras and a 68-page book.

2009 will be the first year of a multi-year push to upgrade HDTV to 3D (stereoscopic) television. Panasonic, Sony and other major HDTV makers will demo 3D televisions with a live satellite broadcast of the BCS National Championship game at the International CES next week and at least one HDTV manufacturer will announce plans for production in 2009 of the first Full HD 3D compatible displays. Expect other major players to commit to early 2010 delivery. HD Guru predicts these 3D HDTVs will be supported by at least two movie studios in 2009, with the first products shipping date to coincide with the introduction of 3D Blu-ray players and discs. 350c69d7ab


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