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One Piece Episode 845

The Germa 66 subplot continues to get the most attention from the animators. Their fights are electrifying and engaging, while the stuff with Big Mom and the Straw Hats shows a lot more strain. However, I think the fact that we're constantly on the move does a lot to alleviate stiff production values, and in general I'm having a better time with these chase episodes than I was up on the Chateau. An anime-specific flourish that I really appreciated was the moment between Sanji and Pedro, where Pedro offers Sanji his electro powers to light a cigarette, since they're both smokers. It's a sweet scene, and it speaks to both characters' upcoming roles in this arc in a succinct way. It's important that these two characters share a moment, and smoking as a source of comfort and companionship resonates in a story that's very much about bad habits and addictive personalities.

One Piece Episode 845

Speaking of bad habits, Charlotte Pudding's got herself a crush. Yes, after keeping her evil persona up for the episodes following her emotional breakdown, it seems clear that Pudding's heart throbs for Sanji. She's tracked down Capone and Chiffon to suggest her cake-baking plan, since she's good at making chocolate and Chiffon is good at chiffon cake. Chiffon almost refuses since she doesn't care about saving Mom or the family, wanting to leave it all behind just like Lola, but Pudding may be on a similar page. If their mom keeps rampaging, she'll chase Sanji and his friends to the ends of the earth, and that's what they want to prevent, the Charlotte family's well-being be damned. 041b061a72


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