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ESIC Med 7B Form Download PDF

ESIC Med 7B form is a medical acceptance card that is required to get treatment in ESIC dispensary. It is a request form of the insured person to include him or her under a list of a particular doctor in ESIC hospital. ESIC Med 7B form consists of details like your name, IP number, address, establishment name, etc. Insured members can get this form from their employer.

In this article, we will explain how to download ESIC Med 7B form in PDF format and how to fill it.



How to Download ESIC Med 7B Form in PDF Format

Only your employer can download your ESIC Med 7B form in PDF format in their employer ESIC portal. Here are the steps to download ESIC Med 7B form in PDF format:

  • To download ESIC Med 7B form, login to employer portal with their establishment code and password at [].

  • After login to this portal, now click on print counter foil under employee.

  • Now enter ESIC IP number of the insured person and click on the print counter file.

  • Now employee print counterfoil will appear on the screen, at the top left side of the screen a link to download medical acceptance card pdf file or ESIC Med 7B pdf download option of that particular employee will be available.

  • Now click on that link and download ESIC Med 7B form or ESIC medical acceptance card. Which contains insured person name, insured persons father name, factory name, residential address of the insured person and IP number of the insured person.

You can also download ESIC Med 7B form in Word and PDF formats from some online sources, such as [Diligent HR] and [HR Cabin]. However, it is always advisable to get ESI form 7B printout from your employer.

How to Fill ESIC Med 7B Form

ESIC Med 7B form consists of two parts in a single page. One part consists of insured person details and the other part consists of details of particular under whom the insured person wants to get treatment. Here are the steps to fill ESIC Med 7B form:

  • On ESIC Med 7B form write your name, relationship details like father name or husband name, residential address and insurance number.

  • Write the name of the doctor under whom you want to get treatment in the space provided.

  • Declare that you are not already in the list of a doctor in this or any other area by signing or putting your thumb impression on the form.

  • The doctor also needs to accept you for inclusion of his or her list by signing on the form and writing his or her doctor code number.

Here is a sample of how a filled ESIC Med 7B form looks like:

<img src=" alt="ESIC Form 7B Sample" width="600" height="400">

You can also view the sample image at [HR Cabin].

What is The Use of ESIC Med 7B Form

In general, ESIC pehchan card or temporary ID card (Print counterfoil) will be enough to get treatment in your ESIC dispensary. But in some cases where the patient needs observation of an ESIC doctor for a long time then they need to submit ESIC Med 7B form. Some of the uses of ESIC Med 7B form are:

  • It helps to get treatment from a specific doctor in ESIC hospital.

  • It helps to get referral letters from the doctor for further treatment or tests.

  • It helps to claim reimbursement for medical expenses incurred outside ESIC hospital.

We hope this article has helped you to understand how to download and fill ESIC Med 7B form. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this topic, please feel free to comment below.


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