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Les Cauchemars Naissent La Nuit. 1970. Blu-Ray ...

  • For years considered a lost Franco film (after having played at a single theatre in Belgium), NIGHTMARES COME AT NIGHT (Les cauchemars naissent la nuit) was rediscovered in 2004 and has been recognized as a key film in the evolution of Franco's cinema, which in 1970 was assuming a dreamlike logic, governed more by the director's libido than traditional horror movie structure.Diana Lorys (The Awful Dr. Orlof ) stars as a sultry dancer who falls under the hypnotic control of the sinister blonde Cynthia (Colette Giacobine) and begins to suffer terrifying hallucinations, from which not even a gifted psychiatrist (Paul Muller) can save her. Meanwhile, a pair of jewel thieves (Soledad Miranda and Jack Taylor) hide out at a nearby house, biding their time until they can confront Cynthia for their share of a recent heist.CastJess Franco - Director

PressFor press and publicity inquiries, please email [email protected]. A selection of press materials for this title may be available for downloadhere.

Les cauchemars naissent la nuit. 1970. Blu-Ray ...

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After asking the barmaid (Pilar Bardem, the sister of famous director Juan Antonio Bardem and the mother of the great actor Javier Bardem, yes, the very scary guy in The Cohen Brothers 2007 "No Country for old Men") for some work in the village he gets a lift from a woman named Claude (Diana Lorys, the beautiful unsung heroine of Spanish Golden Era trash movies and of two of Jesús Franco movies, 1961 "The Awful Dr. Orloff / Gritos en la Noche" and the 1970 "Les cauchemars naissent la nuit / Nightmares come at Night" and she tells him that she lives in grand old house a couple of kilometers from Perrouze with her two sisters Nicole (Eva León) and wheelchair bound Yvette (Maria Perschy). and that they need a new handyman. 041b061a72


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