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Why weed should be legalized

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Dylan Collins
Dylan Collins

The Benefits and Features of Datam Copra RF v.2005 SR1 for Roll Forming Projects

copra is strong when it comes to demanding that businesses be transparent about the use of consumer data. but copra also has a good provision that requires businesses to disclose to the consumer whether they retain, use, or sell the consumers data, and if so, for what purposes. such transparency is good because consumers should know how the business uses their personal data, and thus can make informed decisions about their data privacy. we only suggest deleting this copra provision, as it duplicates other copra provisions and is too complicated. for instance, copra already requires businesses to disclose whether they retain consumer data in the united states, and if so, for what purposes. similarly, copra already requires businesses to disclose whether they retain consumer data overseas, and if so, for what purposes. moreover, there are no privacy impact assessments for these copra provisions, which is troubling because businesses have no accountability if they fail to comply. we recommend that copra be amended to simply require businesses to disclose the purposes for which they retain consumer data, and whether they retain data in the united states or overseas. we think this disclosure requirement is sufficient.

Datam Copra RF v.2005 SR1


copra fails to impose a duty on covered entities to adopt minimization procedures, and allows businesses to comply with minimization procedures adopted by the ftc. but copra does require covered entities to adopt a written policy, and implement the policy, setting forth minimization procedures. copra also requires covered entities to establish a process to implement the minimization procedures. we have concerns about these copra provisions, as they do not require a specific minimization procedure to be used, which is a problem because businesses may adopt minimization procedures that are inconsistent with the privacy safeguards in copra. to avoid this, copra should be amended to require businesses to adopt a specific minimization procedure consistent with copra.


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