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Where To Buy Organic Almonds

Braga Organic Farms' products have been certified organic food by C.C.O.F. since November of 2000. We currently have 40 acres of pistachios located in Madera, California. We invite our customers to visit our pistachios farm, by appointment.

where to buy organic almonds

Our certified organic raw almonds are imported from Spain, where pasteurizing is not a requirement. Our unpasteurized almonds are truly raw and are never treated by irradiation, high heat, steam or chemically sterilized as required for all domestically grown almonds, even those labeled as "raw". Our Unpasteurized Almonds have their fats and enzymes intact and supply vitamin E, magnesium and mono and polyunsaturated fats. Use them to make delicious almond milk, grain-free flours or eat them by the handful for a satiating snack. Our almonds are packed with possibilities!

Forget all the old claims that almonds are full of fat or cause weight gain. Eaten in moderation, almonds actually aid in weight loss and contain only healthy fats. They are also rich in many essential nutrients. A handful of almonds each day is a savvy and delicious way to provide your body with nutrients while also reducing unwanted cravings. In addition to their high vitamin E and mineral content, almonds contain plenty of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, while their brown skin contains twenty powerful flavonoids.

Conventionally farming methods use pesticides. These are potentially dangerous to our health and to the environment. Organic cultivation does away with pesticides and other potentially harmful farming practices. By going organic, you are making a healthy choice for yourself and also supporting more sustainable farming.

These natural Northern California almonds are consistently large in size and have a naturally sweet, buttery taste. Never roasted and still sproutable, they are flash-pasteurized using dry steam exposing the almonds to heat for less than a minute. 6 Pack contains six 8oz bags of Almonds.

We are proud to support Burroughs Family Farms in Denair, California who aim to produce the cleanest and most delicious almonds in a way that protects and enhances the soil, air, water, and the environment in which we live. They work hard to use all resources carefully and wisely through regenerative, organic farming practices. For example, they make all of their own compost to feed the soil, enhance soil biology and ensure the long-term viability of their farm. They also utilize hedgerows to maintain a high level of plant biodiversity that attacts beneficial insects, improves water quality, provides windbreaks, and stabilitizes their soils. Their soil is also kept covered, leaving roots mostly undisturbed, without the use of tillage, ensuring the carbon stays in the ground.

Green almonds are tart, crunchy, and juicy. This seasonal specialty has a very brief window for harvest. Surprisingly versatile, they are best enjoyed thinly sliced. We love them drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkling of Stardust Dipping Powder or salt. Toss them into salads for zing or pair with any quality artisan cheese. For the adventurous, try pickling them whole. Be sure to grab some before they are a fleeting memory of early spring.

We are proud to count ourselves among less than 1% of CA farmers who are growing almonds organically. Given that CA produces over 80% of the world's almonds and 100% of almonds in the US, eating our organic almonds is something you can feel good about!

But quality can vary. When shopping for nuts, you may have come across organic and non-organic versions. This may cause you to ask questions like, "Do almonds need to be organic?" or "Do walnuts need to be organic?"

Unlike conventionally grown foods, organic foods have the benefit of being grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers (but note that there are approved organic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers). Organic foods are also not allowed to be genetically modified in any way, according to California Certified Organic Farmers.

Buying organic protects consumers from potentially harmful side effects of pesticides, and some pesticides have been linked to cancer and hormone issues, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency. Organic foods can be identified by the USDA Organic seal.

Soaked almonds are also referred to as sprouted, but since the tiny sprout is unseen, we prefer the term soaked. After soaking we rinse our almonds in a mild salt bath, using non-iodized Celtic Sea Salt, and dehydrate at low temperatures until they reach the perfect crunchiness.

Our organic almonds make for a nutritious snack and a delicious versatile ingredient. Almonds contain healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E (an antioxidiant). These nutrient-dense nuts make for the perfect snack to crush hunger on the go.

You can return an item within seven (7) days of receiving your order. The product must not have been opened. Please contact customer service at with your order number to submit a refund request. Please note we only refund and do not exchange.

Whether you are making nut milk, oven roasting, or just eating good ole raw almonds for the heart-healthy, protein-packed snack, these are sure to be your go-to almonds! Maybe, you want to make fresh homemade almond butter! Or give someone the gift of almonds that they deserve.

Almonds, glorious sprouted, organic, almonds. These almonds have been soaked, sprouted and air dried to a crunchy perfection. Perfect for ketogenic or paleo snacking, topping for salads or making your own sprouted organic granola.

We bring you nuts, seeds and dried fruits through a partnership between Tierra Farm and Boxford Bakehouse. Tierra Farm purchases nuts, seeds, and dried fruit directly from some of the best organic farms in the world. They are a farmer-friendly business which buys and sells products at prices that are fair to the farmer, as well as the end consumer, while focusing on quality. The products that Boxford Bakehouse sends us from Tierra Farm are all certified organic, vegan, and kosher.

Our Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds are hard to resist. Our lightly roasted almonds are coated with vegan single-origin 70% dark chocolate that is smooth and well textured.

These raw certified organic almonds come from Spain. They are a Valencia varietal and have a mild flavour. These almonds are very soft compared to our Australian almonds. They may contain the occasional bitter almond that is found in many European almonds. These almonds work very well for making almond milk.

Because they are primarily used for milk, our Spanish almonds are usually only available in 5 pound bags and 25 pound boxes. As we are currently out of Australian almonds we are offering them in various sizes.

The nutritional value of almonds was recognized long before individual nutrients were discovered. Texts from thousands of years ago show almond recipes for the infirmed and some texts referred to them for curing headaches, counteracting phlegm and relieving colds and dry coughs.

Almond skin contains more than 20 antioxidant flavonoids. 1 ounce of almonds contains 163 calories, 14g of fats and 4g of fibre. People often shy away from the fat content of nuts but the fat in nuts is the kind your body needs. They are essential to your brain's proper functioning, for healthy skin and a plethora of the body's functions. Having a high quality fat in your meal also discourages overeating as fat triggers satiety (low fat foods do the opposite - you often still feel hungry). These high quality monounsaturated fats are also excellent for heart health and lowering LDL (bad cholesterol).

Lastly, almonds are a great source of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for strong bones and teeth! 3 oz of almonds have 210 mg of calcium (compared to 3 oz of cow's milk = 113 mg of calcium). These nutrients are known to be essential later in life but remember growing kids are developing their skeletal structure so its important to ensure they are getting what they need as well.

Organic almonds drenched in Rainforest Alliance compliant Organic chocolate then smothered in deep dark cocoa powder making them one delicious treat. *Special Production - 200 Lb. Minimum Order*

When most Americans think of almonds, we picture the standard nonpareil variety that we're used to seeing on grocery store shelves and in trail mixes. But did you know there are more than one variety of almond? There are approximately 30 varieties of almonds grown commercially today. 041b061a72


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