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Dylan Collins
Dylan Collins

Thick Legged Girls Naked 'LINK'

Watching them dance made me hungry to eat and drink and smoke. After the rich and plummy, stringy taut girls finished dancing they gave me and Sweet Marie eleven blackbird pies. The beautiful naked dancing girls were not good cooks. The birds still had their feet and wings, their oily feathers filled with tiny mites that ran under the crust making little creeks and roads among the rotten birds. The beak had fallen off into the pokeberries. It was the end of an evil pair of scissors. The pokeberries were not pokeberries, they were buckshot. The beautiful naked dancing girls made pies of dead birds, mites, and buckshot. It tasted like tar. Graveyard tar. Like the sludge that drains out of a coffin. Watching them dance made me hungry to eat and drink and smoke.

thick legged girls naked

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