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Dylan Collins
Dylan Collins

No Existe Una Ley Canta Trovador Leo Dan ~UPD~

Coplas a la muerte de su padre by Jorge Manrique, a masterwork within Lyric poetry in Spanish-speaking world, has been approached from the time of writing and over time, from different critical perspectives. On this occasion, the poem will be read to apply certain post-theoretical tools, resulting primarily from the concept of deconstruction derrideana, in analyzing the valuation / devaluation that makes the poet's death binomial life within the cultural context in which it was written. This new reading of the text attempts to re examine the experience of" the eternal opposition between temporary and eternity, projected in the life of man in the antagonista of the spiritual and temporal goods" in the words of Pedro Salinas, with emphasis to signs with those within the poeta signify the concepts of life and death. As a tentative hypothesis is that, through the negation of earthly life in its various aspects, both private and public, the speaker of the poeta is doing, in a gesture more renaissance than medieval, an affirmation of the value and the sense that has life on earth as the core of human existence.

No Existe Una Ley Canta Trovador Leo Dan



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