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Why weed should be legalized

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Many large organizations have a network of internal wireless access points that allow employees to move about an office quickly. Some organizations use certain segments of their network as high-bandwidth or dedicated file-sharing servers, but that means the network segments are at greater risk of attack. In the bad old days of wireless, a hacker needed a laptop that could access the wireless network and the user account that controlled the device. Nowadays, a hacker could configure a wireless access point to be a hotspot, and then use a fake login page to gain access to the network, or even a nearby unsecured business network to gain access to the most sensitive personal data. Of course, a computer hacker would never use an access point to breach the security of an organization's network.

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The attacker has a bonus advantage with IoT devices: they are usually controlled directly by the vendor or a small team of employees. That's because a hacker would have to find a rogue employee that both had access to the company's network and had the ability to change a device's firmware.

When it comes to mobile malware, carriers that own and operate their own networks are actually a bit safer than companies that lease out their networks to another company. The reason is that the provider is more likely to employ its own security experts, and is less likely to lease out a system to which a hacker can gain access.

However, the most popular and powerful threat is ransomware. Its a malware that blocks your access to your computer, makes your files inaccessible, and levies a price on your head. Experts say there are more than 800,000 strains of ransomware today, and hackers are launching more than 10,000 attacks daily.


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