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Why weed should be legalized

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Dylan Collins
Dylan Collins

Shawn Lane Guitar Lesson Pdf Download

THE PROFESSOR As you can hear in this shredtastic lesson by Gabriel, using the Phrygian and Aeolian Modes are two great ways to bring a metal sound to your guitar playing. This may not be news to you, but you might be surprised to know that these modes are only one note different, the Phrygian has a b2 and the Aeolian has a natural 2, all other notes are the same. Learning how to build and compare the Aeolian Mode and the Phrygian Mode will allow you to quickly move between these two sounds on the fretboard, as they are only one note apart, the b2. This will get your metal chops into high gear and help you bring a b2 vibe to your minor riffs, solos and runs.

Shawn Lane Guitar Lesson Pdf Download



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