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Book Of Psychology By Rakhshanda Shahnaz

Book of Psychology by Rakhshanda Shahnaz

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. It is a fascinating and diverse field that covers topics such as perception, learning, memory, motivation, emotion, personality, intelligence, and mental health. Psychology also applies its principles and methods to various domains of human activity, such as education, health, sports, business, and social interactions.


If you are interested in learning more about psychology, one of the books that you can read is An Approach to Psychology by Rakhshanda Shahnaz. This book is written for degree classes of BS (4 years) program in psychology. It covers the basic concepts and theories of psychology in a comprehensive and engaging way. The book also includes examples, exercises, and self-assessment questions to help students understand and apply the concepts.

The book is divided into two volumes. The first volume covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Psychology: This chapter introduces the definition, goals, history, perspectives, and subfields of psychology.

  • Research Methods in Psychology: This chapter explains the scientific method, types of research designs, ethical issues, and statistical analysis in psychology.

  • Nervous System: This chapter describes the structure and function of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, neurons, neurotransmitters, and endocrine system.

  • Sensation: This chapter explores the process of sensation, which is the detection of physical stimuli by the sensory organs.

  • Perception: This chapter examines the process of perception, which is the interpretation of sensory information by the brain.

  • Motivation and Emotion: This chapter analyzes the factors that influence motivation and emotion, such as biological needs, psychological drives, incentives, goals, arousal, and stress.

  • Memory: This chapter investigates the process of memory, which is the encoding, storage, and retrieval of information.

  • Thinking: This chapter studies the process of thinking, which is the manipulation of mental representations for problem-solving, reasoning, decision-making, and creativity.

  • Intelligence: This chapter evaluates the concept of intelligence, which is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

  • Personality: This chapter assesses the concept of personality, which is the unique pattern of traits, behaviors, and attitudes that characterize an individual.

The second volume covers more advanced topics in psychology, such as learning, development, social psychology, abnormal psychology, and therapies.

The book is available online from various sources. You can buy it from [CBPBOOK], [MBBS.ORG.PK], or []. You can also read some reviews and snippets from these websites to get a glimpse of the book's content and quality.

If you are looking for a book that can provide you with a solid foundation in psychology, then you should consider reading An Approach to Psychology by Rakhshanda Shahnaz. It is a well-written and well-organized book that can help you learn and appreciate the fascinating field of psychology.


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